Hello! I am Ange. I feel and do many things. I teach and empower girls to be confident and love themselves for who they are. I love yoga. I love learning. I love singing loudly. I hike. I cook. And I travel.

I am an educator and a writer and I am here to share my story. I do not have all the answers. I am simply and divinely a human navigating my path, seeking answers and sharing my experiences. I have experienced intense anxiety and depression, and often suffered from intrusive and obsessive thoughts. I am a woman who lived in silence for many years. Quietly suffering, holding my external world together while my internal world was imploding from self-doubt and self-hatred. My hope is that I can share my story and experiences to help others. I believe that we all have our shadows, we’ve all crawled and survived through dark nights of the soul, we all have a midnight. And I’ve learned that sharing our darkness allows us to shed light into the crevices of ourselves we did not know existed. In this way our midnight can become a song, a beautiful harmonious melody that transcends the dark. My intention is to share with you the midnights I have moved through on my path, which have led me to feel fully into my soul and Spirit. In turn I hope you are inspired to light your own path by exploring and sharing your darkness.

Come. Let’s go together.